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I was born and raised in the Netherlands, and have been playing "real football" since I was old enough to identify a ball. Currently residing in Maryland, I hold USSF “D” and NSCAA “National” Goalkeeping coaching licenses, and have been a part-time Assistant / Goalkeeping Coach at the High School, Club, ODP and NCAA Div 1 levels since 1999. When not playing, talking, writing or thinking about football and goalkeeping, I remind airline passengers to keep their seatbelts comfortably fastened around them, in my day job as a pilot for a major US airline. I can be reached at jdevicq at icloud dot com. Please note that I do not do private training or camps

Accident Analysis for Goalkeepers.

Accident Analysis for Goalkeepers. Just like with goalkeepers, airplane pilots are often the first ones blamed for accidents, even when they might not be at fault. And although placing the blame like this might be easy, it does not help … Continue reading

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Building Confidence in young Goalkeepers

Building confidence in young Goalkeepers. “To risk life and limb and subject oneself to the ridicule that follows in hot pursuit of any silly error demands a special sort of courage and confidence” – Bob Wilson, (Arsenal Goalkeeper 1963-1974). The … Continue reading

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What makes a great Goalkeeper?

What makes a great goalkeeper? As a goalkeeper coach, there are two questions that I am almost always asked. The first one is  “what is the most important skill / attribute for a goalkeeper to have?.” This question is impossible … Continue reading

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